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Shenzhen Xinmatai Supply Chain Co., Ltd. focuses on the collection of COD logistics in Southeast Asia. Our company is located at 1208, Jinhong Building, No. 10, Xingwei Road, Fuyong, Shenzhen. We are specialized in COD collection for goods such as Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Hsinchu, FamilyMart, 7-11. Lalfu DHL (one order to the end) overseas has long-term fixed warehouses to forward goods
Undertake all kinds of goods, collect on behalf, can consolidate, and compensate for lost goods.
Collection of payment: (Tuesday and Friday rebate) Strong receipt, strong customs clearance, low price and good time, stable channels. (Bulk receipt of shrimps and skins) Collection and forwarding and re-issued: The forwarding order number is provided on the same day. Also provide fb account and network technology sharing!
We firmly believe that only professionalism can gain a foothold, only sincerity can we have customers, and only dedication can we develop. We believe that a professional team and sincere cooperation are the most precious wealth of an enterprise. Our COD business team is a combat-oriented elite team that integrates management, transportation, operation and other fields. In the spirit of dedicated enterprise, we can achieve the common goal of all employees of the company!